Trade Ideas Position: AUDCAD Shark

A bearish shark setup as a trend trading opportunity. Shark pattern is 1 of the most tricky harmonic patterns as there is a possibility of up to 3 different entry zone and by having that you have to have your Fibonacci right.

Trade Ideas Position: GBPUSD Bat

Trade Ideas Position: GBPUSD Bat by raynlim on A bearish bat setup as a trend trading opportunity on GBPUSD . What interest me is the consolidation occurs after pt B and pt C are formed.  This gives a potential bullish flag formation hitting an AB=CD setup.  Sadly the RSI is not on the oversold area, so I have to watch this closely. It will…

Economic Calendar

8 Main Currencies of High Importance Economic Data release that could affect the Technical Analysis of intra-day trader.

Great Time to Exchange Your USD to SGD

Today is 1 of the better rate to change USD to SGD. On the daily-chart(left) candle did break and close above the resistance line(red line), although the next bearish candle came down and close below we had an indecision candle that typically I place it as a potential reversal candle.  On the weekly-chart(right) is a Head&Shoulder setup,…