Having 15years of trading and 12years of coaching experience, we understand two things:

  1. Simplify our course content so that attendees can effectively apply their knowledge & skill set in their trading.
  2. Understand what the real traders want and help brokers or IBs to grow their clientele based and equip the traders with the knowledge to analyse the market independently without relying on software or chart analyst.

Forex100 Academy is an independent Forex Education School, and we are open to being an invited speaker or analyst. However, we are not able to accept terms like IBs.

We are also well-ranked in TradingView  on important keywords like trend trading and counter-trend trading and many other keywords, it’s pretty good for a relatively young account in TradingView. We are also the first few beta users on TradingView; this allows us to go LIVE on TradingView platform.

Below are some of the highlights of our past events:

i) 2011 we did a 12-hours training in Kuala Lumpur with 400 participants with zero or inaccurate knowledge and understanding in Forex (link)
later on, we did the Live Trading Game with the Participant and the trade that Mr Rayn has spotted, hit a total of 144pips of net profit (link).

ii) March 2013, Marina Bay Sands Singapore, Rothstar100 event, Rayn Lim was panel speaker alongside with Mr Jim Rogers. The event attracted state-owned media of China, CCTV2 to feature the event (link).

iii) In June 2015, we shared the forecast on USDSGD to 400 NUS students that it will move from 1.33SGD to 1.38SGDby end of the year (link).

iv) Another bold analysis that we made in the same year(2015), is the crash of GBPUSD from 1.54USD to 1.10USD that would happen within 2-years (link).

v) In Feb 2020, we shared on TradingView that AUDUSD will crash and will retest 2 of the support level in 2020 and 2023 (link). 


Even in new territory, cities like Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang and Bangkok that we don’t speak their language, the event results are impressive and we have been well-received. The following are some videos on the event we had done for FxPro as an invited speaker.

Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang Oct 2018 (link)

Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang Apr 2019 (link)

Bangkok Sep 2019 (link) – the first event that we conducted with FxPro in Bangkok, and this gave us additional confidence that we can do in any region as long the marketing is done right and have the right target audience.