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Mr Rayn Lim, Founder

  • Asia Pacific TOP Emerging Entrepreneurs 2013
  • SME Asia Award 2014
  • First Analyst in the World who accurately forecasted The Crash of Great Britain Pound 2015
Coming from a humble background fraught with difficult beginnings, Mr Rayn Lim himself is a success story of “rags to riches”.
Despite being conned in his younger days in business, and misled in the principles of Forex Trading, Rayn today is a recognised Master Trader & Entrepreneur as well as Founder of Forex100 Academy.
His journey into Forex Trading started in 2005 when he learned the skills of foreign exchange trading with his USA-based mentors and other trainers. In 2008, he started to share his trades on social media. His personal trading success and trade insights success attracted a large group of readers who prompted him to set up a monthly subscription forum on Facebook. With the success of the subscription forum and requests from the public, Rayn decided to teach this skill to the masses by setting up Forex100 in 2011, which later became Forex100 Academy in 2015.
Rayn has received multiple accolades and awards for his dedication to his work and the journey. In 2013, Rayn was awarded the Asia Pacific TOP Emerging Entrepreneurs. Forex100 Academy was also awarded the SME Asia Award in 2014. In the same year, Rayn also received the Hall of Fame Chapter award from Dr Ivan Misner, the Founder of Business Networks International (BNI) as the Director-Consultant of Vision Chapter in BNI. In 2015, he forecast of GBPUSD from 1.54USD to 1.10USD within 1-2years, this made him the first trader and anlayst that accurately forecast the GBPUSD movement before the thoughts of Brexit Referendum is announced.
In his leisure time, Rayn also believes in giving back to society. With the his effort he has rally other donors to contribute a total of 202bicycles to students in Cambodia who some have to walked 15km to school every day.

Awards & Recognition


Asia Pacific TOP Emerging Entrepreneurs


SME Asia Award

Corporate Social Responsibility

Bring the Children to School

To aid students in Cambodia who have to walk up to 15km to school each day and again back home, Forex100 rallies a donation drive in March 2013 to contribute a total of 202 bicycles.

Supporting Club-100 @ North West

Forex100 was recognised for philanthropic contributions to the Club100 @ North West philanthropic club, during the gala dinner held at the Parliament House in Singapore in May 2015.