Wiki Expo – Internal Mistake

We have spoken to the management of Wiki Expo and confirmed it was an internal mistake by their team. We hereby confirm that we haven’t reached any agreement till date to participate in Wiki Expo’s event. We are sorry to have caused disappointments to participants who are looking forward to the session.Do follow us on…


All speaking engagement that was not posted on our Website or Official Facebook(, please inform us

SGD strength SAVES your USD payment

Trade Ideas Position: USDSGD Bat by raynlim on Bullish Bat setup for a trading opportunity and this can attribute to the US NFP to give a final push to the entry price, the PRZ and PEZ. I don’t usually trade USDSGD, but the stats on my end shows well when it works on Bat…

BREAKING NEWS: First Sign of a JPY surge due to Market Uncertainty

Trade Ideas Position: EURJPY Shark by raynlim on Trade Ideas Position: NZDJPY Bat by raynlim on Trade Ideas Position: USDJPY Shark by raynlim on Trade Ideas Position: CADJPY Shark by raynlim on I have observed a possible of JPY appreciation as it is spotted across EURJPY, NZDJPY and CADJPY the only…

Fundamental vs Technical Trading – (Brexit Case Study)

This has been an age old debate. Which trading method should you adopt, which is better, do both tell the same stories, is Technicals predictive. Not trying to create a stir here but just to open the eyes of the newer traders for them to decide.