Could you see how you can’t trade by following news headlines? I’m not saying you shouldn’t read the news, but you can’t make your trading decision solely on that!

You have to always read between the lines, read only the facts, and decipher the market reaction by jumping into it. Because of War Oil Prices has to go up…


Because of War, the market is volatile!

Do you know that the FX(Forex) Market aren’t affected by the War? At least the movement of the 8main currency pairs doesn’t reflect the huge spike caused by the news headline.

That’s one major reason that I stick my toes in the FX Market even after 17years. Yes, of course, I’ll check out #netflix #boeing #airbus and even #zoom but those are for longer-term moves.

That being said, scalping is a BIG NO-NO for me. The timeframe that I usually trade is the 1hourly chart, the 4-hourly chart and the daily chart.

If you wish to learn how to analyse charts(without prior financial knowledge) by yourself and not get swayed by the news, drop me a DM.

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