Trading is easier than soccer, not because of the tricks shown on my Instagram reel, but because it is. Let’s see what common traits they have

Common Traits
– Both require skillset(practice and training)
– It seems like we can control the outcome, but we can’t(the market moves the way it wants, the ball is round, and anything can happen)
– Male-dominated field
– Those who participate in it enjoy it
– To win, you have to keep scoring it
– The game will prevent you from doing it
– You are the most important factor in to score
– People will cheer for your win
– People will comfort you on your loss
– You can forecast the result before “the match opens.”

Pros that trading has over soccer
– You can set your target and loss, and you will be able to cut loss even if the market crash
– You can do it in the comfort of your home or anywhere you want
– Technically, there’s no age limit to it

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