Market Outlook and Analysis (Sept2019 Week3)

Currency Pair: GBPJPY

Fundamental Analysis – GBPJPY

In the last trading week, the GBP was the best performer and the JPY closed off the week the weakest. The both the UK GDP numbers (0.3% vs the expected 0.1%) and the manufacturing production (0.3% vs the expected -0.3%) came in above expectations.

The British Pound strength came from mainly these reasons:

  • the chances of a ‘No-deal’ Brexit on 31 October seems to have receded
  • a general election looks more a reality
  • an extension to Article 50

Technical Analysis – GBPJPY

GBPJPY D1 Chart – Bearish Bat Pattern Completion at Sell Zone.

The pair completed the Bearish Bat Pattern (at a Sell Zone) with a very strong bullish candle.  This throws caution into the air as the indicators also hinting a string bullish move. The ideal case would be to see how the price reacts to the Sell Zone.

GBPJPY H4 Chart – Waiting for a reversal at the Sell Zone

The idea scenario we would like to see before shorting this pair will be for it to confirm a reversal pattern at the Sell Zone. At this moment there are no signs of any potential reversals.


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