Market Outlook and Analysis (Oct2019 Week3)

Currency Pair: CADCHF

Technical Analysis – CADCHF

CADCHF D1 Chart: Back up to the Sell Zone once again

Though it seems that we are back in the Sell Zone again, however this move in the last 2 days shows strength. Hence, the ideal case would be to wait for some reversal patterns before taking the short.

CADCHF H4 Chart: Potential Type 2 Entry on the Bat

Chart is showing us a possible Type 2 short entry on the Bearish Bat Pattern. The final 8 hours of the trading week showing us a potential reversal are on the cards.

CADCHF H1 Chart: A Bearish Shark emerges on the lower TF

The H1 Charts is showing a Bearish Shark Pattern completion. Let’s monitor together to see how the market opens on Monday.


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