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To facilitate your training, please follow the next steps and video guides, to install the Harmonic Pattern Collection (HPC) program and associated files, on your MetaTrader software.

Video guide #1 – Installation of HPC software on MT4/5

Video guide #2 – Installation of HPC template files, getting HPC license key

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. If I have multiple MT4/5 installations, do I have to install HPC on each MT4/5 installation?
    Answer: As there is only one license that will be provided to you, you should only need to install HPC on the MT4/5 installation that you intend to utilise HPC.
  2. Is there any technical support to install these softwares for me?
    Answer: Traders are resourceful people! Try referencing our video guides above as much as you can, and if you feel that you still need support, drop us a message via our online form, and we’ll provide you with prompt email support.
  3. I have installed the HPC software, do I need to do anything else before using it?
    Answer: Yes! Send us the following details to activate your installation so that you will be allowed to use it. Once you have submitted your details, your HPC software will be activated within 3 working days.

Happy learning and trading!