Currency Pair: EURGBP

Fundamental Analysis – EURGBP

The GBP has regained some strength as more members of parliament is backing a no confidence vote against PM Boris Johnston. This opens the door to stop a no-deal Brexit and even a second referendum. It was also helped by the good economic data coming out of the UK in the past week.

Technical Analysis – EURGBP

EURGBP H4 Chart: (Trade Review) – Short at resistance, close at support (+169pips)

The EURGBP hits a 3-year resistance with a rising wedge formation, coupled by the multiple bearish divergence on the indicator. Shorted as the price made a lower high al the way down to the first support level. Closed with a +169pip profits.

 EURGBP H1 Chart: Looking for a deeper retracement to the Sell Zone

The fall of the pair in the past week was strong. Expecting this move to continue. Looking for a deeper retracement to the Sell Zone for a better price to re-establish the short. There could potentially a bearish Bat Pattern forming out, however is it a little too early to tell.