This is 1 of the running trades that we had shared with our trade-ideas community.
If you trade the strategy as it is designed, you can make a decent living.
If you break the rules without understanding the system, you are going towards the path of self-destruction.
But if you did active testing(100times per strategy per timeframe) and know what you are doing, you will have Break-Through.

Trade Ideas Position: AUDCAD Shark by raynlim on

AUDCAD H1 Bullish Shark, CounterTrend, ProTraders
Long NOW: 0.8944(11)
ISL: 0.8921(-23)
TP1: 0.8993(+49)
TP2: ————–{running with 86pips right now, with ZERO risk on this trade}[Extended Targets]

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