Weekly Market Analysis

Weekly Market Analysis that covers EURUSD; GBPUSD & USDJPY are scheduled every Monday 8.15am(+8GMT) on every 15mins interval.

MidWeek Market Analysis (Full Version)

A show case of what our Graduates can do with just 30-mins a day. Live analysis with Live audience happening every Wednesday 1808hr(+8GMT) sharing how trading can be made simple without sticking in-front of computer.

Follow Trading Rules Give You Decent Income, Master it & you will have Breakthrough

This is 1 of the running trades that we had shared with our trade-ideas community.If you trade the strategy as it is designed, you can make a decent living.If you break the rules without understanding the system, you are going towards the path of self-destruction.But if you did active testing(100times per strategy per timeframe) and…

Is Brexit worries the only reason for the fall of GBP?

Being a trader for more than a decade I’ve seen many times news might not do the actual reflection of the market movement. Yesterday after a strong rally, the UK Pound falls even harder. For hours there isn’t any news about it. My take is simple, traders are taking off their profits after seeing rates…