Earlier this year I had plans to attend my friend’s wedding in Australia, I’ve waited for a good time to change SGD to USD and USD to AUD for the better rate, honestly, it’s kind of a cheap thrill on my end. I’d managed to save quite a bit as earlier this year there are couple of big moves on the currency pair. As the World is in a lockdown, my friend’s wedding has been postponed and the trip has been cancelled. Since then I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to change my AUD back to SGD. Last night I’ve saw the opportunity to do so and had changed my AUD to SGD.

While this doesn’t seem much to some, but have you thought by using the same knowledge it can be used on investment decision like, property investment, overseas stocks investment, or exchange of physical currency and keep it, if done it right the returns will be higher than the bank interest rate. That’s also the reason that I see trading as a life skill in our modern world.

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