Many of us are told by our parents we have to study hard, score good grades and work for a big company to secure our future, however, is that the case for most of us? Even if you do, are you happy?

A simple test to find out if you like your current career:

  • Looking forward to the next long weekend and vacations
  • Plan to fully utilise your leave, and sick leave
  • Monday blues in most of the weeks
  • Best things at work are lunch breaks, tea breaks and off work
  • No News is Great News, not looking forward to handling new tasks
  • Will not answer the phone calls from work after working hours
  • Not looking forward to any form of work-related training
  • Do not enjoy attending company events
  • Love Fridays

If you have any of the 3 situations above, chances are you don’t like your work, why don’t you do something that you love?

“Do What You Love, and You’ll Never Work Another Day in Your Life”. – Marc Anthony

I met a nice guy, let’s call him Henry {High Earning, Not Rich Yet} who loves sharing the good practices in wealth management and how different choices can make an impact to one’s life. However, the choices he made in life differs from what he has been sharing, I couldn’t help but ask, “what’s stopping you to use that practice?” I am surprised by his reply, well not so actually. Henry replied, “It is easier said than done.” That left me perplexed, why bother sharing if you are not doing it.

I was at a similar conflict. “Excuses or Reasons?” And I have worked on myself from there.

We know what we want in life, it is always or most of the time the BUTs in our life that stop us and soon after we will think the WHAT IFs I had made that decision.

I have been putting an active motion to stop and transform from the conflict above.

I woke up every morning feeling blessed that I’m in the industry that I love, well at least most of it. A daily commitment of 30minutes has been my routine, going through the 12 currency pairs, 3 timeframes and 16 trading strategies (after dropping many) for my trading. It is rewarding to know most of my students can do their daily routine within 30minutes too.

Trading might not be suitable for everyone (that’s the topic for my future post. One certain thing, there’s no need to do something that you don’t enjoy for 8, 10 or 12hours for the next 3, 5 or 10years of your life.  All you need is 30minutes per day working and spend the rest of your time doing what you love. Have your financial plan out before going into full-time trading (also a topic for my future post).


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