I’m surprised that not a lot of people know about this. We live in an era that anything can happen, just cherish every single day and be grateful for the new day.
Spend less time earning or more time doing things you love, if that’s possible. Stop imprisoning yourself, especially if you are doing is things that you loath. Remember the freedom you always wanted when you are a kid and even swear that you will do what you want when you grow up? So why do that to yourself now?
What if I say that spending just 30mins a day is sufficient as a trader, would you be interested? All you need is to set an alert on the level that you are looking at. Nowadays, a smartphone can replace your PA and help you to be more productive than usual.
Join me now on my upcoming webinar where I’ll be teaching the minimum candle confirmation you need to see in order to engage a trade. Take measurable action in pursuing your dreams.
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