Trade Ideas Package (TIP) is a comprehensive package consisting of 3 different product offerings:

  • Trade Ideas Analysis
  • Trade Ideas Position
  • Trade Ideas Educator

Each covering different aspects of how we analyse and trade the Forex market. The aim is to improve the trader’s analysis of the market to increase their profitability.

Key Features

Trade Ideas Analysis

Get the market analysis based on Market movements, along with the trade plans.


Improve your Forex trading understanding + Get setups for your own trades

• Trade setups based on Market Structure and Market Trends
Get trading setups that our professional traders personally identify for personal trades
• >10 Trade plans available monthly
Gain Access to ample profitable trade plans
• Access to Market Analysis
Get your hands onto Forex trading analysis by professional and profitable traders
• Private Community Support
Ask questions and get support within a private community

Trade Ideas Position

Get simple and clear forex trading ideas using the RIGHT Harmonic Patterns.


Know when to enter/exit the market + Get precise predetermined stop loss/take profit levels

• Simple, clear Forex ideas
Understand where to buy and sell with simple-to-follow buy/sell levels
• Easy-to-follow
Just place pending orders, stop loss together with target levels
• Ample time to prepare / react
You have hours or even days to prepare before each trade ideas get engaged
• >20 Trade Plans available monthly
Gain Access to ample profitable trade plans

Trade Ideas Educator

Deepen your Forex knowledge + understanding of the Market movements.


Sharing of the professional way of analysing the Forex Market

• Forex Analysis Videos
Improve your analysis through videos by walking you through the trade setups
• >12 Video Trade Analysis monthly
Learn the professional way of breaking down the charts to identify trade setups


What our trainers have to say about this program:

This product was created to offer existing traders an alternative point of the Forex Market. Traders are encouraged to compare the views given with their own analysis before they act on these trade opportunities.

This program is also aimed to benefit the newer traders to understand the forex market better through our sharing of the analysis on video.

Snap shot of the monthly performance of all the trade ideas generated over the past 1 year performance in PIPS:

Monthly Package


Bi-annual Package

267.30USD/mth (payment every 6months; 10% savings)

Annual Package

247.50USD/mth (payment annually; enjoy 2months FREE)

Past Sessions

They have a great system in place to minimise losses and maximise earnings.

After graduated from (Forex100) course, I am super excited about Forex trading and really believe that achieving financial goals through trading is possible. The trainers were very professional and patience in guiding me through the crucial concepts of Forex trading such as understanding my risk profile and appetite in trading.
Jason Zhou, Engineer
Jason Zhou, Engineer