SGDJPY : When to change for my Japanese Yen?

SGDJPY :Will it goes higher or lower? by raynlim on

Did this out of a favour of a friend who is going to Japan, well can this work?

Of course, it does. Not only the knowledge of analysing the chart can be used on trading, but it also can be used on our daily lives, from when is a better time to do your exchange to when you make your online purchase and even choose a better time to pay your suppliers/ importing or exporting products for your business.

So, my analysis goes, the breaking and closing above of the candle(while) on this chart(Daily Chart) is critical to make the decision if the exchange has to be made before 2 Nov.

If the candle, break above and close above the box(white candle) the likelihood it will reach 82.51 is high, if not, this will be the good time to exchange.

Let’s see how the candle close today and I will update the group tomorrow.

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