Process Over Outcome

This is a sneak to what we have been sharing to our subscriber. A bull shark(Harmonic Pattern) has been spotted and our analyst has shared his every move in this trade. Reference from the previous post:

In this instance, he has chosen to exit his 2nd Target before the market hit either his protective stop or his 2nd Target that was pre-set when the 1st Target was achieved!
The rationale behind this is due to an ECLIPSE was spotted, well not the 1 you saw on the sky but rather 3 patterns that were pointing the opposite direction of the trade target was formed, hence, a trade intervention was made and our subscribers received the alert!
Target2 was traded in 2units that would bring this trade to 81pips x 2 + 55pips(Target1) = 217pips
If a 1 standard contract was traded, that would bring 2,170USD and this is so because the Trade Management that was in place.
If the trade was taken without Trade Management that will bring us 81pips+55pips = 136pips
That will still put 1,360USD on the table.
We got to ask many of times, what if I didn’t trade 1 standard contract?
Let just say you traded 0.1 standard contracts and without any trade management that will still be:
0.1 x 136pips x 10usd = 136USD
Is always the PROCESS that is more important. When you get the process right, the right OUTCOME will fall in place.
Process Over Outcome
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