Midweek Analysis – Patterns everywhere (NZDUSD, CADJPY)

Hi everyone,

If you seriously have not explored Harmonic Pattern Trading,  you are indeed missing out of some of the good trades. I can’t describe how it has changed my trading since I picked it up years ago.  Not asking you to forget everything you know about charting,  just need to add on the Harmonic knowledge to your trading arsenal. The picture just becomes clearer.

One of the testimonial I got from my recent students who has been a senior institutional trader for years :

“Boon Hooi’s deep knowledge of harmonics clarified the intricacies for me, helping me grasp the key concepts quickly and this has resulted in greatly improved risk-management, which really is the key to success in trading.”

Thanks buddy for the kind words


Let’s have a look at what has happened in recent trades :  All these were spotted by the most recent batch of students

Now I am just taken a position on this CADJPY based on the patterns accurately measured on the charts.  Hints are all there on the charts and this is how we guide our followers/students/participants.  I see a potential huge drop for this pair


One other pair that I am looking at is NZDUSD. Got a nice short from the top and now waiting for a buy at lower levels.  This is yet to happen and I am looking to go long on this pair. Completing a bullish Bat pattern at around the 0.6555 levels.


Trade well and trade safe everyone.  Fix your rules of engagement, test them and trade them.



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