Supreme Wealth Creation Programme

This personalized course equips traders with the tools to execute a trading strategy that matches their individual goals and style. Learn how to structure your trading plan to impact your trading productivity. To sign-up, keep a look-out for our upcoming Supreme Wealth Creation Programme Enrollment on our Events page!

Who Should Attend?

This 4 Days Intensive Class is ideal for both the experienced and novice trader alike. The course is designed to help traders establish a plan and mobilize resources to create value. Attendees will think creatively and strategically about their trades and learn how to build a personalized plan in order to accomplish their goals.

Most People fear that they can’t understand the course content as they don’t have any financial knowledge nor trading background. Don’t worry. We simplify our course notes and avoid using Financial Jargons. It is tested and proven that our course is so simple to understand that even our 13 years old student can understand.

Why Trading Plan is important?

The Personal Trading Plan Course is intended to help traders tackle one of the most challenging and often overlooked obstacles in trading: developing a coherent and decisive trading plan. Many traders feel that, armed with a little knowledge, they can enter the trading world and compete with the best of the bet. What they don’t realize is that being armed with a little bit of knowledge and no plan is a recipe for disaster. If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there!

Every trader regardless of their style or objective should have a clear and defined plan which outlines their goals, what they hope to achieve financially as well as a method to evaluate their successes over their trading career.

What will you learn?

During this course, you will:

  • Be able to trade confidently on your own
  • Create your own personality profile
  • Identify your personal business philosophy
  • Create a mission statement and identify your trading goals
  • Identify your trading markets
  • Break down the technology you will use to trade
  • Establish your daily routine
  • Understand money management
  • Focus on a trade strategy that suits your style
  • Perform a review process on your trades


“I (have) been a student with Forex100 for last 2 months….they enable you to earn 100 pips daily and this is actually possible and with my past experience. I had just begin my live trade a few days back. Using the new trading strategy , I’m able to get hold of 60 pips within 2 hours and this is possible for the students as well and not just the trainers. We do have a student study group , where by we post trade and counters one another idea and (everyone’s) perspective of the trades. This is how we refine our trading techniques.”

– Benjamin Ho, Civil Servant, Classic Course ‘Q’ Division

“After attending Forex100 course , not only did I gained the skills on making money , I’m now able to get my money to work for me. I’m a very satisfied student of Forex100 as the trainers are knowledgable in their field and conducted themselves professionally , the course material provided were also very in-depth to give you the whole summary of what Forex is about and how do you make your first pot of gold.

– Christopher Yap, Classic Course ‘P’ Division

Unlike most seminars and courses in the market, Rayn is committed to the continual success of his students. He analyzes our trade homework (30mins a day) and we have weekly meetings conducted by his sincere and devoted staff Dylan to learn about chart analysis and economic happenings around the world. The strategies taught by Forex 100 are very sound, low risk, and practical. Some of our fellow students have more than tripled their initial investments after 3 months. They are the real deal.
Lim Tian Yi, Mobile App Developer And Trainer, Classic Course ‘AI’ Division


“The course teaches trading strategies and patterns based on each individual’s psyche, personality and lifestyle. The rock solid basics and techniques are easy to understand and apply, and is based on the trainer’s many years of trading experience. The trainer imparts both implicit and tacit knowledge which expands my perspective of the world of trading.”

– Ivan Chong, Web Developer, SWCC ‘B’ Division

“I came to Forex100 to find ways to generate additional income. As a person who has never traded before, not only did I find ways to generate that income, I gained an in-depth of the world economics which changes the daily market, and that’s where more income can be generated. The techniques that they taught saw me broke even the course fees in just 2 weeks time.

– Willis Tarn, Civil Servant, SWCC ‘B’ Division