Counter-Trend Trade : Butterfly Pattern or Bat Pattern?

If you are in my inner circle, you should know that I’d already shorted GBPUSD and it has already attained 204pips as the 1st target has been achieved, waiting a bit more for target 2 to be fulfilled.

What’s interest me more is that my target 2 completion ends at a butterfly completion.

Yes, I can turn and reverse the trade the trade and go long straight or I can wait for 14pips for a Bullish Bat to complete.

Which will you choose?
Well, I’ve already decided and will be posting this in my inner circle group.

Great that it’s an H4 Chart, I can wait and decide at 1pm, 5pm, 9pm(+8GMT).

Timeframe does matter.

Trade Ideas Position: GBPUSD Butterfly or Bat by raynlim on

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