About Forex100 Academy

Our Mission

To Empower Students With the Skills And Ability To Trade The Foreign Exchange Market Independently And Profitably.

Success through positive nurturance

The first step to being a successful trader is to analyze your character because more often than not, habits of daily life tend to mirror or even magnify themselves on the trading table. Trading requires disciple in following rules and if rule breaking is a trait of yours, obtaining disastrous losses in trading is only a matter of time. FOREX100 aims to equip you with the necessary mentality before you plunge headfirst into the world of trading to ensure you emerge profitably victorious.

Forex100 L.E.A.D Advancement Program

Most retail traders treat trading as an alternative part time option for additional income. Many lose money during their first attempt and swear never to burn their fingers at trading again, thereby forever closing the doors of limitless opportunity that the financial market has to offer. On the contrary, some succeed in making some profits but have no idea how to take it up a notch in the trading industry, unable to make a breakthrough in income. Regardless of your level of experience as a trader, we have the relevant materials to satiate your desire to improve. FOREX100 L.E.A.D advancement program serves to provide the ladder you need to reach the peak of your trading journey. Not only to ignite your passion for trading, but to allow you to mold it into a career path of endless potential.


Knowledge is empowerment. With the comprehensive step by step lessons available in our learning center, you have be able to obtain the fundamental knowledge you require to begin your journey as an amateur trader. Start a demo account to apply this new found knowledge and put your trading strategies to the test.


With such an extensive range of lessons and materials available at your fingertips and a free demo account that provides an accurate depiction of real life trading scenarios, we believe you will be fully equipped to start a live trading account. From this point forth, your success is positively correlated to your trading profits. For the time that you have invested in educating yourself and learning the ropes, it is time to reap the rewards. Congratulations on a new stream of income.


With a deeper understanding of the finance industry and the possible income potential, you will know that trading should not be merely treated as a hobby or ‘extra’ income. If you have the intention of developing a career in the trading industry you may apply through the L.E.A.D advancement program and we will access you based on your trading statistics. You will be arranged to visit one of our global offices or under special circumstances, our representatives will travel to meet you. If conditions are met, you will be inducted as a advisor with FOREX100 to share your trading techniques with the community. As an advisor, you will have the opportunity to conduct seminars and webinars as well as work together with professionals across companies under the FOREX100 umbrella.


As an advisor you will have the chance to perform based on a merit system and strive towards eventually joining the FOREX100 management team. You will then take on the driver’s wheel and share in our passion to make FOREX100 the finance educational school of preferred choice by all retail traders. You will be the perfect testimonial of how trading can bring about immense change in an individual’s life to escalate his/her career to a new high. Welcome on board, your adventure begins with FOREX100.

The Rationale behind our System

  • To let each retail trader feel important and that there are far greener pastures than just trading alone. That there is a career path that they can aim for with FOREX100 because we are on the lookout for talents.
  • Mine Talents through L.E.A.D program based on a merit system that amplifies their potential
  • Groom advisers and help all our students reach their full potential through a cycle of learning and teaching.
  • Activity creates results, retains knowledge and only with involvement will one truly understand the career paths that can be carved out in the boundless Forex Market.